August 05, 2017

Make Linen Napkins & A Table Runner

Make Linen Napkins & A Table Runner

Make Linen Napkins & A Table Runner

I love using linen on the table.

I started with a piece of linen that was 53" wide including the selvage and 50" long.
It is an odd size to purchase, but it was the end of the bolt so I took what was left.
I had thought I would use the linen for a different project where I would have had a strip left over and what would I do with that?

Make Linen Napkins & A Table Runner

I had enough to make 6-17.5" square napkins plus a 15" x 35" table runner.

The napkins were a little smaller than I usually like, but they're okay.

I knew that if I frayed the edges I would lose less material than if I hemmed the edges.

I pre-washed the fabric and then dried in the dryer.

I ripped both the bottom and top edges of the fabric so that the fabric would be even to start.  

Make Linen Napkins & A Table Runner

Linen frays easily, so I decided to sew a very fine zig-zag stitch about 3/8" from the edge, all around.

By sewing around the napkins, I knew that they wouldn't fray further in the wash.

Make Linen Napkins & A Table Runner

This is a closer picture of the zig-zag stitching.

Make Linen Napkins & A Table Runner

Some of the frays are a little longer than others.  They can be trimmed or just left, as I have done.

Make Linen Napkins & A Table Runner

I like the oatmeal colour.  It goes with so many things.  I also think that the frayed edges are much less formal than hemmed napkins.
I am not very good at making mitred corners, so this was good for me.

Make Linen Napkins & A Table Runner

The linen is a nice weight which makes the napkins look more rustic.  It is not handkerchief linen.

This is an easy project.  Stitching is the most time-consuming part.  Pulling threads on linen is pretty easy and can be done in good time.

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Jeanie said...

I am SO not a good sewer! (Seamstress? Stitcher? Sewer sounds bad!) But I love these -- the simplicity and the loveliness of them, especially with your dishes. A wonderful and very useful project!

Barbara Windle said...

Thank you, Jeanie.

Leanna - Of Faeries and Fauna said...

The greatest part of making your own napkins is you can make them as big as you want. This simple napkins are elegant and I love the colour.

Barbara Windle said...

Hi Leanna. Thank you for your lovely comments.

Amber Harrop said...

Your sewing is so neat and I love the neutral colour of Linen

Barbara Windle said...

Thank you, Amber.