July 10, 2017

A Trip to the Lavender Farm + a Free Printable Copy of an Original Painting

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A Trip to the Lavender Farm

A Trip to the Lavender Farm

Plus a Free Printable copy of an

 Original Watercolour Painting

One of the best things about Summer is Lavender.  We can't get enough of it.
We love adding it to Jams and Jellies.
We love it in our soaps and body scrubs.
We love sachets of it.
We love looking at it.

A trip to the Lavender Farm Original Watercolour

This is a 4" x 6" watercolour of a Pot of Lavender.

Details of how to receive a printable copy are at the end of the post.

A Trip to the Lavender Farm

If you are lucky enough to have a lavender farm near you, July is blossom time in Ontario.

A Trip to the Lavender Farm

It turns out there are several farms not far from us, but the one we visited was Laveanne at Camblecroft, Ontario.

A Trip to the Lavender Farm

A Trip to the Lavender Farm

The bees were very busy around the flowers.

A Trip to the Lavender Farm

A Trip to the Lavender Farm

It was a hot day so later we drove to the beach at Cobourg.

A Trip to the Lavender Farm

We caught a glimpse of seagulls openly sunning themselves on their beach blankets.

He didn't like having his picture taken.

A Trip to the Lavender Farm

He brought his little cooler and beach bag with him.

A Trip to the Lavender Farm

The beach at Cobourg is beautiful, but almost always the water is cold.

A Trip to the Lavender Farm

Get in and get out fast.

A Trip to the Lavender Farm Original Watercolour

Presentation Idea
We mounted the 4" x 6" painting on an 8" x 10" presentation board and then matted it in a 12" x 16" frame.

A Trip to the Lavender Farm Original Watercolour

It could be framed in a 4" x 6" frame.

Click the link below to receive a printable copy of the original painting of the Pot of Lavender plus newsletter.

The Pot of Lavender print will be available until AUGUST 15, 2017. 

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Jeanie said...

I love your painting! I've been on a painting kick this summer and I appreciate your generosity in sharing both your own painting and the inspiration. Your time at the beach looks just wonderful. Great photo of the seagull on the towel and wonderful color there. And what cute little ones. Isn't beach joy the best?

Barbara Windle said...

It was a fun day, Jeanie. I am glad you enjoyed the painting and I hope you will share some of your paintings again. Summer is just the best time to capture all the beautiful flowers.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

What lovely photos........and I bet it smelled heavenly.........
So beautiful is lavendar when you seeing it growing like that.
Pretty pics of the seagull too. and Love your lovely lavendar
Blessings and thanks for sharing your talent with us.

Barbara Windle said...

Thank you, Nellie, for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

Wow, those fields are spectacular! I've never seen a lavender field. let alone one in full bloom! Definitely on the bucket list! Thanks so much for visiting my blog earlier today!

Barbara Windle said...

Thanks, Amy. Have a wonderful weekend.

Louca por porcelana said...

Beautiful purple post!Beautiful painting!

Laura said...

Your photo bring back memories when I went to Oregon,
I twas wonderful I hope I see it again some where

Barbara Windle said...

Thank you, Louca.

Barbara Windle said...

I love seeing fields of flowers, whether it is tulips, lavender, or sunflowers. There is something wonderful about that.

Gentle Joy said...

What a great trip! I would enjoy visiting such a place. :)

Barbara Windle said...

It is very nice and not too far from where we live.

Sue Loncaric said...

Oh I just love lavender so I was in heaven reading your post. Thank you for the download as well. Have a lovely day. I've visting from Wednesday AIM Link Party.
Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

Barbara Windle said...

Enjoy your print and thank you for subscribing, Sue.

Grammy Dee said...

Congrats Barbara! Your post is Featured at the #WednesdayAIMLinkParty. See here: http://grammysgrid.com/wednesday-aim-link-party-23/

Barbara Windle said...

Thank you for the feature, Dee, and thank you for stopping by.