August 21, 2017

Late Summer Decorating



Late Summer Decorating

According to the calendar, we have about one month of summer left.

It is the time of year when the garden changes from the lighter colours of summer to the more intense colours of late summer and early autumn.

Late Summer Decorating

The seasons are ever-changing and we flow from one to the next.

The pumpkins are still growing in the fields so it is too early to bring them into our home decor, but not too early to start transitioning.

Late Summer Decorating

One of the easiest ways to transition is to bring in some of the brighter yellows,  golds, deep greens, and browns.

Late Summer Decorating

Have some fun with it.

Late Summer Decorating

Try out some new throw pillow covers.

I change my pillow covers frequently.  I always use the same feather inserts and the best price I have found for these is at Ikea.

Late Summer Decorating

Whenever throw pillows come with inserts I usually give them away and use my feather inserts.

I like the way the feather inserts mould to my back, they are easy to fluff, and they never get hard or flat.  They are easy to store when not in use and take up less storage space.  That is because the air can be pushed out of the inserts and then placed in a sealed plastic bag.

Late Summer Decorating

I store the pillow covers in a storage box in my linen closet.

This owl looks at us as though he thinks the human race is out to lunch.  He is cute, though, and he makes me smile.

Late Summer Decorating.

The jug holding the flowers is Jacobean and very old.  It belonged to my grandmother.  Unfortunately, it has a chip and a crack that you can't see because the flowers cover it.

The jug is almost the same colour as the gold velvet pillows.
The crystals are also gold-coloured.

Late Summer Decorating

I almost always have a stack of books somewhere.

Late Summer Decorating

There are just two types of flowers in the pitcher Black-eyed Susans and Astilbe.

Latte Summer Decorating

The leopard print is just fun and adds a bit of quirkiness to the decor.
Animal prints are still popular.

Late Summer Decorating

The horse pitcher, which I believe is actually a creamer, holds more of the same flowers with the addition of some Maiden Hair Fern curled down over the handle.

I have done some sourcing of pillows which you can see below.

Looking ahead, I have focussed on the fall season as well and found some fun pillows to round out fall decor.

These are some of my favourites so far.

My owl cushion is no longer available, but I found another one that is similar.

Have some fun planning your Fall decor.



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             Leopard Print                                  White Faced Owl                                     Orange Velvet   
 The Northern White-faced Owl  Throw Pillow  

                Pumpkin                                          Gold Velvet                                        Autumn Pumpkins
Pumpkin Throw PillowAutumn pumpkins  Throw Pillow                                                
                             Rusty Truck                               
Rusty Bitch Throw Pillow

                                Leaves with Dew                    Autumn Fields                                      Cinderella 
Fallen Leaves With Dew Throw PillowAutumn Fields Throw PillowReady for Fall Cinderella pumpkin Throw Pillow


                                                                                                                                                                                           Fall Leaf                                                                                   Fall Leaves
Fall Leaves  Throw PillowFall leaf Throw Pillow                                                                                 



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August 17, 2017

Set the Table - Sunflowers

Set The Table - Sunflowers

This post might be more aptly named Sunflowers and Black-Eyed Susans.

I know it is late Summer when the yard fills up with these yellow beauties.

I love these plates with the big sunflowers from Pier 1 Imports.

The yellow plates, napkins and napkin rings are also from Pier 1 Imports.

The Yellow plates were used in a previous post HERE

Amber-coloured goblets, silver flatware in Evening Star pattern, as well as the tablecloths were thrift store finds.

Placemats are from the Great Canadian Superstore.

The gold-coloured tablecloth is linen and the round bottom tablecloth is beautifully lined and trimmed with braid.

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August 11, 2017

Ripley's Aquarium and CN Tower

Tuesdays With a Twist

Ripley's Aquarium and CN Tower

Some Highlights

CN Tower

The CN Tower is one of Toronto's best-known landmarks.
Ripley's Aquarium sits at the base of the tower and across the square is the Roger's Centre home to Blue Jays Baseball.
Going east along Front Street is the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and then Union Station.
This is a busy part of town.

Our goal was to visit the Aquarium and CN Tower.
We decided to take the GO Train into town rather than drive.  Depending on whether there is a baseball game or not, traffic can be very heavy and parking at a minimum.
As it turned out the Blue Jays were playing and there were a lot of people in the area.
It was raining when we arrived at Union Station so we took Skywalk, which is an indoor walking route, to the CN Tower.

It was so exciting to see fish, including sharks swimming overhead.

A wall of Sea Anenomes looked like a garden of flowers.

There were many different types of jellyfish.

This happy-looking fellow is a sawfish.  He was swimming over our heads.

Who doesn't want to have their picture taken while sitting inside a fish tank?

By the time we went up the CN Tower the sun was shining.
I watched them build the tower in the 1970's and believe it or not this was my first time going up.  I have a bit of a thing with heights, but I was okay.

The picture above is looking out over the lake and Island Airport.  In the bottom right of the picture is the Rogers Centre.

I think they had a good time.


1) I was glad we took the GO Train into the city.  When we were ready to go home at 3:30 p.m. rush hour had already started and it would have taken a minimum of 2 hours to drive home.

It is easy to jump onto public transit like the subway, bus, and streetcar if you are already in the city.

2) I purchased our tickets for the Aquarium and CN Tower as a package and saved a bit of money.  I also purchased them online and downloaded them onto my phone.  That was good because we avoided line-ups and pretty much walked right in.

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