Welcome to Fair Meadow Place

Welcome to Fair Meadow Place

June 22, 2017

Three Favourite Summer Napkins

Three Favourite Summer Napkin Folds

Three Favourite Summer Napkins

I have acquired more than a few napkin rings over the years.  It is so easy to pull one on over the napkin and then fluff. 

In Summer, when we are eating meals outside, I often like to fold napkins so that they hold the flatware.

I am presenting three of the easiest pocket fold napkins.

You don't even need to use an iron, although, you can if you like to have sharply creased folds.

You have probably used at least one of these napkins before.  This is just a refresher course.

The first one is the Envelope Fold

Envelope Fold Napkin

I use the Envelope Fold for smaller napkins.  I think it looks better with small napkins than with large napkins.

Start with the napkin right side down.  Fold both sides into the middle.  
Next, fold the bottom up to meet the side folds.  
Fold the bottom up again to about where the two sides cross over each other.
Fold the top down.
I just finger press it.

You can leave the envelope closed and perhaps place a treat or note inside.

I often open the envelope and place the silverware inside.

Envelope Fold Napkin 2

The Triple Pocket is easier than it looks.

Triple Pocket Fold Napkin

Fold the napkin in half, right sides together.  Fold in half again to form a square.
Fold down the top three corners.  The 1st corner is folded down to meet and line up with the bottom corner.  The 2nd corner is folded and tucked in behind the 1st.  The 3rd corner is folded down and tucked behind the 2nd.
When the folds are adjusted evenly, turn the napkin face down.
Fold the left side in about 2 inches.
Fold the right side over the left side.
Turn it over and it is finished.

Triple Pocket Fold Napkin 2

The Basic Silverware Pouch

Basic Silverware Pouch

Fold the napkin in half with right sides together.
Fold the top side of the napkin half way down.
Turn the napkin over.
Fold each side in 1/4 of the width of the napkin.
Fold each side again so that they meet close to the middle
Fold one side over on the other side.
The Silverware Pouch is complete.

Basic Silverware Pouch 2

The Envelope Fold and the Silverware Pouch are the easiest and take the least amount of time to make.  The Triple Fold Pocket is a bit fussier.

If you haven't tried napkin folds before, enjoy trying these three this summer.

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June 19, 2017

Set the Table - July 1st to July 4th

Set the Table - July 1st to July 4th

Set the Table - July 1st to July 4th

The July 1st and July 4th holidays are fast approaching.

We are expecting our friends from the United States to visit over the holiday.

Our table is set as a nod to both the Canadian and American July holidays.

Set the Table - July 1st to July 4th

Some of the place settings are Red, White, and Blue.

Set the Table - July 1st to July 4th

While other place settings are Red and White.

Set the Table - July 1st to July 4th

There are three common elements in each place setting - Red Napkins, Red Poppy plates, and Red tumblers.

Set the Table - July 1st to July 4th

The centrepiece sports flags from both countries.  There are no flags or patriotic references anywhere else on the table.

Set the Table - July 1st to July 4th

The centrepieces were made using large, empty coffee cans.  See how we did it  HERE

Set the Table - July 1st to July 4th

Set the Table - July 1st to July 4th

Unfortunately, when we were shooting this table it was threatening to rain.  It would have been nice to see the sunshine.

Set the Table - July 1st to July 4th

Set the Table - July 1st to July 4th

 Happy Canada Day and Happy Independence Day 

A List of Elements

Round White Tablecloth, AmazonRound White Tablecloth
Red and Blue Placemats, Bed, Bath and Beyond
White Plates, Antique Scroll, Pier 1 Imports
Blue and White Gingham plates by Royal Stafford, Home Sense
Red Poppy Salad Plates by Royal Stafford, Home Sense
Red Napkins by Stitch & Shuttle, Sears
4" x 6" American Flags, Amazon Flags
4" x 6" Canadian Flags, Dollarama
Drink Bottle Caddy, Pier 1 Imports
Cutlery, Bombay Co.

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June 16, 2017

Fair Meadow Place Bookshelf - Black and White (and a bit in between)

Fair Meadow Place Bookshelf

Black and White

(and a bit in between)

Some of the posts on Fair Meadow Place contain Affiliate links.  These links will be noted near the beginning of the post.  The complete disclosure is noted in the Affiliate Links section at the very bottom of the post.

A Link to the Book

A Black and White colour scheme is just about the most elegant and classic colour combinations in interior decorating.

This is a lovely coffee table book for those who like decorating and it still fits on a bookshelf.

Every page is filled with photographs of home interiors.

Decorating in Black and White is not as easy as it looks.  There are almost as many shades of black to choose from as there are shades of white.

Because the two are so highly contrasted a room's flaws are often accentuated.

Decisions have to be made.  How much black should you use?  A lot of black provides a sense of drama.

More white than black is still elegant, but less dramatic.  Use it sparingly or lavishly?

How does one layer these two contrasting neutrals?  Can you add some colour and still have a black and white scheme?

Black and White in architecture is great for contrast.

Black and White can be very masculine, but, add a few curves and it becomes  feminine.

I find this is a great reference book and I pick it up often just to be inspired.

This book talks about adding colour to black and white, collecting art, tools for getting black and white right, being inspired by nature, and even entertaining in black and white.

Click on the Link to find the book.
Black & White (and a bit in between)

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June 14, 2017

Easy Coffee Can Planter

Easy Coffee Can Planter

Easy Coffee Can Planter

Sometimes you need a planter of a certain colour to fit in with your theme.

Planters can be expensive and you can't always find the colour you want.

Easy Coffee Can Planter

Save some empty coffee cans, remove the labels, wash, and then spray paint.

Coffee Can Planter

I wanted a patriotic theme of red and white.

The bandanas were used instead of ribbons tied around the cans.

Coffee Can Planter

A rust paint was used in red and white.

Easy Coffee Can Planter

Once the paint dries, add some stones for drainage in the bottom of the cans, add dirt and plant.

That's it.  An easy and cost effective way of coordinating your plants and planters.

Easy Coffee Can Planter

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June 09, 2017

Eden's Door, Tobago

Eden's Door, Tobago West Indies

On a recent trip to Trinidad and Tobago, we visited Eden's Door where we found an interesting lady who has created a very special place.

Her advertisement advised us that we would find "Farm and Fitness Trails nestled in an urban tropical forest."

That is exactly what we found.

Immediately after arriving, we were greeted by Jennifer Bailey, who is the proprietor.

We were asked to sit in the bamboo shelter with the orange roof where she chatted with us about her farm.

Jennifer Bailey

Our skin took on an orange hue while we sat in her bamboo shelter.

Dr Bailey talked to us about her vision of an organic farm, fitness trails, and glamping experiences.

The farm is in a forested valley with steep sides.

Trails were built and can be seen switchbacking across the hills from the bottom of the valley.  The trails accommodate anyone interested in exercising and fitness.

Stairs have been built to either ascend or descend the trails.

On the hills, there is all manner of produce growing including mango trees, lime trees, cashew trees.  There is sweet potato, cassava, pineapple, banana, just to mention a few.

There are also raised beds where produce is grown.

Jennifer has planted almost everything herself.  There is so much work to be done.  As we sat on the lower part of one of the trails, she told me an application had been made for a 'woofer' and that one was coming soon.  She was hoping to get a second one as well.  

'Woofer' is an acronym for Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms.
A 'woofer' is someone who signs up with the organisation as an intern to learn about organic farming by participating hands-on in the farming process.  They are often young with a college or university degree.


Some small cabins are being built up on the hill.  

Although Jennifer has planted most of the property herself, she does have help with the buildings.

Corporal Bailey's General Store is located near the front of the property.

Corporal Bailey's picture can be seen above the arch in this picture.  He was Jennifer's grandfather and he ran a general store on the property until 1938.

Jennifer considers herself to ba a global citizen and her decorating style reflects that.

She likes bright colours in blue, gold, yellow, and red.

Once a month, on the full moon, Jennifer hosts a Moonlight Hike and Cook-Out.
This must be booked in advance.

Participants hike up to the top to greet the full moon and then descend to the Bamboo Shelter where supper awaits.

I hope we can schedule one of these dinners on our next visit.

Dr Bailey has led an interesting life.  I won't tell you everything.  Hopefully, you will be able to visit Eden's Door yourself and learn more about Jennifer and her farm.

Jennifer Bailey

LP #83, Plymouth Road
Mary's Hill, Tobago
Ph 868-329-7785

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May 31, 2017

Set the Table - Crushing on Orange

Set the Table - Crushing on Orange

I have been craving tropical colour since returning from a recent trip to Trinidad and Togabo.

Yellow Poui - The rainy season begins when it drops all of its beautiful yellow flowers.

Yellow Poui

This table reminds me of all those luscious tropical colours.

My flowers are not tropical, but the colours are brilliant.

The Cashew is very odd.  The true fruit is the nut at the end of the false fruit.  The false fruit is sometimes called the "apple" or "cherry".  The "apple" is edible and sweet.  Sometimes jam is made from it.  I tasted both the "apple" and the jam made from it and it is delicious.

The tablecloth has a little purple in it.  I used purple
 glass plates as a nice contrast to the orange.

The placemats are actually Batik napkins.  Each one is slightly different from the other, but, the colours are the same.

It is not too often you see an orange Zebra.

I don't know what kind of oranges these are, but, they are not sweet.

The small sauce boat is vintage Fiestaware.

We picked this pineapple and brought it home.


Everywhere we went the Bougainvilia was spectacular.


Tablecloth - Pink City
Placemats - Caribelle Batik, St. Kitts and Nevis, W.I.
Napkins - Cynthia Rowley
Bottom Plate - Pier One
Purple glass plate - Home Sense
Small White plate - Richmond, Johnso Brothers
Bowls - BIA International
Orange sauce boat - vintage Fiesta
Melamine Flamingo plate - The Great Canadian Super Store
Flatware - Bombay
Orange jug (used as a vase) - Home Sense
Orange Zebra - Home Sense
Flowers - Michaels

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